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Sansom Industries, LLC

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Portable Restrooms

Inventive & Simple to Use Zenith Portable Restrooms

At Sansom Industries, LLC, we care about your portable toilet needs. This is why we created a new take on the traditional portable restroom. This product has been very carefully thought out and designed, leaving a finished product you will be amazed by. Best of all, we do all the cleaning and servicing for you.

This hands-free entry and exit system allows you to keep clean before and after you use the restroom. Made and manufactured in the US, this model is also more durable and comes with a ten-year limited warranty to guarantee prolonged use. Contact us to receive yours today!

The PSAI Award

In 1993, our company received a very high honor. On the anniversary of Portable Sanitation Association International, our Founder, Clyde Sansom, was the recipient of the first Andy Gump Award, created to recognize pioneers in our industry. This proved his integrity, innovation, and vision were indeed amazing. Clyde since has been a multi-city rental operator, as well as a globally successful portable sanitation manufacturer. He is the 2nd generation CEO currently.

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